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Best Homeopathy Clinic in Tirunelveli

“Mother’s Care Through Homeopathy, Since 2003”

MEERA Homeo Clinic is one of the best Homeopathy Clinic in Tirunelveli.

Since 2003 Our Clinic “MEERA Homeo Clinic” runs successfully with quality treatment.

We provide one-on-one Homeopathy care with every patient at every visit, emphasizing continuity of Homeopathy care for all of our patients.

Our clinic comprises of Homeopathy Treatment in one sector for the beneficiary of patients.

Our Homeopathy doctors are specialized in treating Renal stones, All kind of Allergic disorders, Asthma, Sterility, Infertility, Haemorrhoids, Fissures, Fistulas, PCOS, and Thyroid Abnormalities.

WHY WE US? – MEERA Homeo Clinic

Got 5 Star rated Hoemeopathy Clinic in Tirunelveli

Our patients get well soon with our treatment.


We make every effort to educate our patients in all aspects of health.


No need to wait for a long time to get appointments.


Excellent treatment from experienced doctor


Email & Telephonic support with the patients.


Individual care.


Evidence based practice.



Dr. A. Jayanthan, BHMS .,

He is founder of the “MEERA Homeo Clinic” and has been running it Professionally and successfully Since 2003. He is also the Authorized Medical Officer (Homeopathy) for LPSC, ISRO, Mahendragiri since 2004. He is a result oriented practioner than money oriented and attends patients round the clock –no doubt patients flock to the clinic for consultation throughout the day.

Dr. M.L. Bagavathi Priya, BHMS.,

Homeopathy Consultant in “MEERA Homeo Clinic” based in Tirunelveli. Doctor Bagavathi Priya academically BHMS and has more than 15 years of experience in Homeopathy Care Treatment in Tirunelveli. Her passion and knowledge on homeopathy made her a best homeopathy doctor in Tirunelveli with good patients feedback who got complete relief from sickness by her way of treating approach.


Excellent treatment with good caring doctor

Swaminathan Muthukumar

I have long term head ache so my friend suggested me this clinic and take treatment now I recovered.

Kanchana S

I visited meera clinic for my Friend Suggestion to check up my kids , My kids suffering from respiratory infections. Month by month, After seeing Drs both kids are fine. Also visiting my family members for treating Derma, Diabetics and Arthiritis . All are fine, Gynecologist also here for treating Gynecological problems. Thank you Dr for treating at right time.

Venkat Raman

My son is affected by wheezing Problem. Now he is recovered and fine by the doctor Jeyanthan Homeopathy Treatment.

K Sankar

I am Dr.V.Subramanian (a retired Soil Scientist) living in Palayamcottai Tirunelveli. Every one’s Journey is different in tackling the health problems creeping in for all the family members irrespective with their age groups. Tirunelveli city has many physicians in their respective specializations. Numerous medications of modern origin have conspirated towards producing the side effects in human instead of curing. Of late many citizens of our district has felt the need of a system of the complimentary medicine—HOMEOPATHY. In Tirunelveli city, the search of the best doctor depends on the care you need. Best doctors are skilled, knowledgeable and outstanding personalities.. The doctors determination stems from sheer passion to offer patients healthier living options. For the past five years, the whole of my family is consulting Dr.A.Jayanthan and his wife Dr.M.L.Bagavathi Priya (Meera homeo clinic located near Siddha college -Langarkana street Palayamcottai) for common health ailments like, cervical spondylitis, backpain, neckpain, kidneystones, Piles complaint in women, blood pressure, lipidaemia etc; My fatherin-law and his nephew took treatment for their geriatric ailments and got cured. I believe that the best doctors Dr.A Jayanthan and Dr.M.L. Bagavathipriya homeopathic doctors have knowledge and empathy and are happy in their service to cure the illness of the visiting patients. The abovesaid doctors take time to know each and every patient and answer all their questions. Their dedicated efforts and pioneering work in the field of homeopathy have been recognized by the successful feedback of the patients who have benefitted. I feel any doctor who can cure will be the best doctor. In this way Dr Jayanthan and Dr Bagavathi Priya (Homeo doctors of Palayamcottai) are the best human to take care of patients.

Subramanian Vinayakam

Excellent treatment….I had severe head ache…after consulting with doctor and with medication for 2 months.. I had better result now a days.. I don’t have head ache at all…..

Priya Paramesh

I have much pleasure in introducing Dr.Jayanth of Meera Homeo Clinic, Palayamkottai as have been greatly benefited by his regular treatment for the maintenance of my blood sodium level and to keep up my health condition at my age of 87. I have found in him an able homeopathy doctor in this town. I wish him every success.

Rajasingh Simon

He is a down to earth person, A friendly doctor treating me and my family for the past seven years.His approach in diagnosing and treating is very impressive. I I am pleased with the result and have recommended him to my family and friends.


Very good doctor and he has a very good skills and very friendly. I went to meet him for alcer and heart burning issues . I took a medicine and do excercise per his suggestions. I m feeling much better in last two months and loose 6kg also. Very knowledgeable person.

Jegan Nicholas


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14/4,Lankargana street,

Near Govt Siddha Medical College&Hospital,

Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli,

Tamil Nadu 627002



BHMS ., AMO(H).LPSC.ISRO,Mahendragiri.


Mon -Sat: 10.00 AM to 09.30 PM



Sun: 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM